Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Beginning.

So here I am at the beginning. And right now that sounds funny to say; sort of like I’m a narrator in a movie who knows the ending before they’ve even started telling the story. In a way I guess I do. It’s funny to feel so strongly about something. To be so sure of yourself. In a way I think that’s kind of sad. So often we don’t get what we want in life and not because we aren’t smart, or capable or any other number of things. It’s because we haven’t made the choice to go after it. To really go after it. I’ve started this blog because I’ve made a choice. I’m writing this post because this is the beginning and that’s how things generally start.

I’ve had a desire for many years to get in shape. And I don’t just mean lose a few pounds and tone up a bit. I want to be in amazing shape. Over the years I’ve called this many things. Ten years ago when a roommate used to complain about her stomach being squishy we would do Denise Austin’s Rock Hard Abs video on VHS and call it de-squishing. Five years ago a friend and I would watch the movie Stick It over and over, amazed at how good of shape Missy Peregrym was in to play a gymnast. We would call working out “stickin’ it” and would dream about being in such ridiculous shape. We would also eat chips and drink pop while we watched the movie but that’s a story for another day.

Last Summer I started running with a friend three times a week. She had just run a marathon. I hadn’t run in months and months. While I slowed her down, she made me push myself harder than I would have running alone. And when we would be trudging along, side by side down the lovely trails our city has to offer under the hot summer sun I would hit that point. You know the one. Where you want to stop. You’re tired and you don’t think you can go any further, and I would think, “you’re conditioning yourself” over and over and it would get me through the hardest points of my run. I guess what I meant was, if you don’t push past the point where it gets really difficult you’re not going to get any better. If you constantly get to the point where it gets really hard and stop you may be exercising but you’re probably not doing all that much to improve your athletic ability (but I’m no exercise physiologist either). So I would chant to myself, “you’re conditioning yourself, you’re conditioning yourself” and it would work. I would push through and past the tough part of my run. And on our last run together I was doing hill repeats in the blazing heat faster than the pace we’d run for most of the summer.

Two weeks after those hill repeats I would find myself completing a for-fun sprint triathlon just killing the hilly 5K and feeling so strong while I was doing it. And I started chanting something else to myself. I started chanting, “You’ve conditioned yourself! You’ve conditioned yourself!” as I had a smile plastered on my face the whole way. On that run, following the swim and bike I didn’t hit the point I needed to push through; I was just running. And it felt good. It felt great!

So here I am today and after a few months of pretty minimal physical activity I’ve decided to condition myself. Once and for all. And for real. I plan to be in the best shape of my life. I hope you’ll follow me and my journey wherever it takes me and I hope we can inspire each other along the way! So no matter where you’re starting, what your goal is or how far along the way you are I hope you’ll stick around awhile and share in my adventure!

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  1. Good luck with your journey! And congratulations on the triathlon. I want to start running myself soon, so I'll definitely be checking back on your blog for tips! =)